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Top Company In Ukraine 2022

To assist you in your search for a partner, we’ve compiled this list of the List of the Agencies In Ukraine. Browse their ageny profile descriptions, their client reviews, and services to find which can best suit your company’s needs. If you need more support, tell us about your project, and we'll match you with recommended companies.

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List Of The Top 1,439 Company In Ukraine By Client Rating

Rating of Агентство В небо on Cloodo

Trust score 4.9 on Cloodo

Агентство В небо

Первая компания авиационного туризма в Украине. 11 Лет работы | 25 Городов | 72 Пилота | 155 Бортов | 350 Маршрутов полетов. ПОЛЕТЕЛИ С НАМИ ...

Company in Kyiv, Ukraine

Rating of Vitamin Shop™ on Cloodo

Trust score 4.6 on Cloodo

Vitamin Shop™

Ассортимент VitaminShop представляет собой витаминные и минеральные комплексы, спортивное питание, а также пищевые добавки, разработанные для разных типов покупателей спортсменов, любителей активного образа жизни и тех, кто заботиться о своем здоровье. В составе продукции исполь...

Rating of Дайвинг-туроператор SAFARI MARIS on Cloodo

Trust score 4.8 on Cloodo

Дайвинг-туроператор SAFARI MARIS

Туроператор для дайверов Safari Maris предлагает разнообразные дайвинг-туры и дайв-сафари по всему миру. Бронирование туров онлайн и по телефону!...

Rating of CЯAZY-KIEV on Cloodo

Trust score 4.8 on Cloodo


Organisation d'EVG et weekends entre potes à Kiev. Agence 100% Française basée à Kiev pour l'organisation d'enterrements de vie de garçon....

Rating of SUPERBOCC on Cloodo

Trust score 4.7 on Cloodo


SOCIAL NETWORK PLANET is a platform to sell digital goods such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud, and many more!...

Rating of Hyperlike on Cloodo

Trust score 4.6 on Cloodo


5 years of successful job on the market. More than 1 million of completed orders. Kindly check our service list. We are sure that every person can find needed services. We provide services for social networks: YouTube (subscribers, likes, views, watch time) Instagram (likes, ...

Rating of qmall.io on Cloodo

Trust score 3.8 on Cloodo


Українська криптовалютна біржа Qmall. Ми створюємо можливості та якісний сервіс для наших користувачів на ринку криптовалют. На Qmall ви можете торгувати, обмінювати, зберігати та заробляти криптовалюту. Qmall надає доступ до лаунчпаду, еірдропів та різноманітних торгових змагань...

Rating of IT Svit on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo

IT Svit

IT Svit started in 2005 as a group of friends, who provided remote system administration services. Since then, we grew to a team of 60+ software developers, DevOps engineers and Big Data architects, who provide end-to-end solutions for business projects of varying scope. More tha...

Rating of Diceus on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


For 10 years, we develop software that meets our clients’ business needs. 105 projects were accomplished during this time. We provide: Cloud, Custom, Mobile, Web Development Design Testing and QA IT consulting and Audit Support and Maintenance Our R&D department was ...

Rating of S-PRO on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


S-PRO is an innovation technology partner. We help startups to create innovative products and empower existing businesses with the digitalization of their core processes to much customer-centric economy needs. By partnering with accelerators Founder Institute, Sente.Link, BCCS Cl...

Rating of Whimsy Games on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo

Whimsy Games

Whimsy Games is a leading Game Development company treating each game genre with a unique and uncommon development approach while turning ideas into real-life experience games. Our goal is to spotlight exceptional customer service for all of the clients worldwide while being focu...

Rating of Livepage on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


Livepage is a Google Premier Partner Company with a team of 60+ professionals that helps businesses to grow with digital marketing for more than 8 years. We have been providing a full range of web design and marketing services. Our goal is to find the shortest path to your b...

Rating of SoftLoft on Cloodo

Trust score 4.79 on Cloodo


SoftLoft is an innovative eCommerce software company, providing the full range of services related to Magento and custom web development. Founded in 2008 and based in Ukraine, we supply our Customers around the world with agile, reliable, and cost-effective eCommerce solutions. S...

Rating of Lookinar on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


Lookinar - Virtual and Augmented reality development studio with an extensive knowledge in most relevant stacks. A team of designers, developers, 3D artists and VR engineers with an extraordinary vision to amaze and impress users minds. Always focused on clients demands, we can ...

Rating of Cleveroad on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


Cleveroad is a software development company that creates complex business-driven solutions, with a focus on innovation and transparency of actions and guaranteed product delivery. Main areas of expertise: Native mobile and web development; Microservices and Cloud solutions; AI/D...

Rating of UTOR - QA and Testing partner on Cloodo

Trust score 4.94 on Cloodo

UTOR - QA and Testing partner

Get more from outsourced QA services – keep your software testing under control UTOR is an easily managed Software Testing company that helps growing product and development agile teams to implement their business ideas. We extend your in-house QA capabilities, automate w...

Rating of ROADTO7K on Cloodo

Trust score 4.5 on Cloodo



Rating of Eleken on Cloodo

Trust score 4.88 on Cloodo


Pragmatic design agency for SaaS.    ...

Rating of GBKSOFT on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


❗❗❗ We have a special offer for clients who start software development❗❗❗ We are a software development company that brings innovations to your service. We have helped businesses to perform digital transformation since 2011. GBKSOFT deliv...

Rating of KEVURU GAMES on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


Kevuru Games is a leading European Art Production and Game Development firm creating transformational entertainment projects for global clients.Our philosophy is to go an extra mile to deliver high-quality products with WOW effects and ensure maximum satisfaction for our customer...

Rating of Digiants on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


We began our journey in 2016. During this time we managed to overcome the path from a startup, to a well-coordinated team with branches and representatives in 5 countries all over the world. We provide services in 4 languages ​​and every day we help to solve problems ...

Rating of Light IT on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo

Light IT

Light IT provides innovative web and mobile software solutions for startups and enterprises. We offer more than just software development, we focus on clients’ needs, go deep into requirements to suggest improvements, plan our workflow to reduce the budget, and never m...

Rating of Attract Group on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo

Attract Group

Attract Group is a great team of driven IT Professionals. We provide excellent web, mobile & custom solutions for your business along with IT Consulting. You get superb service and user experience since our team cares about Attract Group’s reputation and brand...

Rating of OVERTHESEA on Cloodo

Trust score 4.5 on Cloodo


OVERTHESEA is an independent designer brand, founded in Kyiv in 2014 by the talented designer Kseniya Kramarenko. Nostalgia for the Black Sea coast, passion for architecture and the spirit of an adventurer married in a distinguishable inflorescence of airy blouses, voluminous ruf...

Rating of Нова пошта on Cloodo

Trust score 3.7 on Cloodo

Нова пошта

Весь спектр логістичних послуг, швидка та надійна доставка документів, кореспонденції та листів по Україні Клієнтська подтримка 24/7 0-800-500-609...

Rating of GRT on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


We build great products. Strongest at: Complex B2B or B2C solutions, Corporate solutions and Utility apps, Progresive Web Apps, Working with old Legacy code no-one can even understand. Tech we use:Android/iOS native apps, PHP and Node.js, Vue.js. ...

Rating of BioTexCom Clinic on Cloodo

Trust score 2.2 on Cloodo

BioTexCom Clinic

We conduct programs of surrogacy using own/donor eggs, IVF, ICSI, egg donation...

Rating of inVerita on Cloodo

Trust score 4.83 on Cloodo


inVerita is a custom software development company with a focus on building web(.NET/Node.js/javascript), mobile solutions(Flutter, Native, React-native), QA and providing customers with team extension services. Headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine, and being present in Chicago and New ...

Rating of KitRUM on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


We believe it's all about the people. Right people. Since 2013, we’ve been helping CxOs of technology companies world-wide to get access to the most talented software engineers from Ukraine and Poland building software solutions for large enterprises, new ventures, and NGOs...

Rating of Computools on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


Computools shapes the future with products, services and solutions that businesses need to Unlock Tomorrow. We’re a worldwide company that generates world-changing ideas. Computools' philosophy is based on three principles: CONSTRUCTIVENESS With Computools, innovation comes...

Rating of LUXEO.TEAM on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


Luxeo Team was founded in 2015, uniting people driven by one idea – to bring internet marketing service to a new level. We decided to offer business advanced Western technologies for website promotion and forecasting results. In our work, we actively use Data Driven SEO, pr...

Rating of Unicsoft on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo


Unicsoft is a trusted technology consulting company, delivering AI and Blockchain solutions to drive business outcomes for startups and enterprises.  The Unicsoft team has deep expertise in: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, ...

Rating of SoftLoft on Cloodo

Trust score 2.8 on Cloodo


SoftLoft is an innovative eCommerce software company, providing the full range of services related to Magento and custom web development. Founded in 2008 and based in Ukraine, we supply our Customers around the world with agile, reliable, and cost-effective eCommerce solutions. ...

Rating of Giraffe Software on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo

Giraffe Software

Giraffe Software is a Ukrainian software development company providing high quality IT solutions in web development, consulting and software testing. We have expertise in a variety of areas such as, retail analytics, real estate market solutions, and high load dating web applicat...

Rating of Softengi on Cloodo

Trust score 3.55 on Cloodo


Softengi is the software development company listed as one of the top 100 world's IT outsourcing service providers by IAOP. We use transformational tools, such as AI, AR & VR, Blockchain, IoT and gamification to provide businesses with the most innovative solutions....

Rating of OpenGeeksLab on Cloodo

Trust score 4.27 on Cloodo


We create not just apps—we build apps that make money, drive real value for Your users, and hit the charts. How? A strategic approach to the Planning Stage provides an analysis of Your users’ current needs, development time estimation, deadlines planning, and actual w...

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