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Desk Pets Open Source iOS Project

Desk Pets Open Source iOS Project

This project was last updated September 23, 2022 byCloodo

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About Up Desk Pets Open Source iOS Project

Based on the success of the "open source android project": https://sourceforge.net/projects/deskpets/

We are now also putting up the iphone app as another open source project for developers who is interested in working out their custom ios app to control our products.
  • iOS app
  • Toy Controller to control toys moving around
  • 14 Toys in total (more in the future)
  • There is an Android version of the app
  • Needs to work with Desk Pets Universal Remote
  • Check out our website to know more about the project
  • We offer helps to the developers to promote his/her app (just notice us)
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About Desk Pets Open Source iOS Project Project on Cloodo

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