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Croatian Language Pack
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About Up Croatian Language Pack

This Language Pack, developed by Inchoo, provides Croatian translation and localization, preparing Magento 2 stores for the Croatian market. Since the Croatian eCommerce scene is growing, it’s time to help its shop administrators work with Magento in their native language. That’s why we prepared Croatian Language Pack for both the admin and frontend, translating more than 13 000 phrases of Magento 2 to Croatian. 

This will help Croatian shop administrators to use Magento freely and customize their store quicker, day by day. 

It is free and will provide you with the translation and localization without the need for you to touch any code. Shop administrators can work in their native language, so it becomes easier to customize the store. The translation of the front end will allow customers to relate faster with the products and transform their shopping experience.



  • Croatian Language pack for Magento is a free extension which can be installed in less than 30 minutes.
  • Once it’s set up, administration and frontend are translated to Croatian - you don’t need to touch any code. 
  • Follow the Configuration guide (User Guide), specify Croatian as default language and it becomes easier to customize the store to follow your brand’s tone of voice.
  • If you experience any difficulties installing the extension or you are looking an eCommerce development agency for your project, please contact us at [email protected]



Not all of the terms are translated completely idiomatically, due to complex grammar and writing system of Croatian language. 

This project was developed by Inchoo team and a group of external translation associates from Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek, Croatia.



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AJAX Cart Pro

AJAX Cart Pro enhances the customer shopping experience by eliminating page reloads and allowing customers to add products to the cart directly from the category pages. When a customer clicks the ‘Add to Cart’ button, a pop-up with the key product information and options is displayed. After a product is added to the shopping cart, the customer is returned to the category page with no page reloads. Extension setup requires almost no time; there are three minor options to choose from, which take no more than a few seconds. That’s it, the extension is good to go. Now customers may browse the store catalog and add products to cart without going to product page.   Business Value Streamlines shopping experience with additional promotional opportunities. Increases order size by keeping customers in the catalogue; Raises merchant credibility via professional look & feel; Cuts exit points via page-to-page transitions.   Feature Highlights Types Of Products Ajax shopping cart can be activated either for products with options only or for the entire catalogue. Content Options A short description and a review summary may be displayed within the block. Page Reloads Eliminated Not a single page reload required when adding products to cart via a pop-up. Quick Product Customization Ajax add-to-cart pop-up allows to view and select product options. Continue Browsing After the product is added to cart the customer may continue browsing the catalog. Related Products In Confirmation Popup AJAX Cart Pro confirmation popup can display related product blocks created by Automatic Related Products and Who Bought This Also Bought extensions.   Demo To experience the extension firsthand follow the links below: Frontend Backend   Enhance AJAX Cart Pro With:  Automatic Related Products - for adding products to cart directly from the related products blocks displayed by Aheadworks extension.   Support Policy Included technical support: Magento Open Source (CE) version - 3 months of free technical support Magento Commerce on prem (EE) version - 3 months of free technical support Magento Commerce on Cloud (ECE) version - 3 months of free technical support   

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Aheadworks Buildify extension for Magento 2 allows creating and arranging the content for pages with a drag-and-drop page builder. The module is arranged in such a way the creation of custom pages and content blocks doesn’t involve any coding, the process is absolutely intuitive. Just choose a widget that corresponds to your needs and add, edit, delete, or duplicate elements easily with a drag & drop feature. The widgets are broken into the categories: basic, typography, general (with the Magento 2 widget), media, icons, analytics (Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica), social media (with the help of which you can motivate customers to add comments and posts to your store directly from Twitter or Facebook). To help you to create an appealing design while spending a minimum of time the extension disposes of a set of ready-to-use page templates. And what’s more, all widgets and templates are responsive: you can check screens responsiveness (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile) right from the editor.     Features  Create content with pre-arranges templates and a wide range of widgets Operate widgets with an intuitive Drag & Drop action Add, edit, delete or duplicate elements without changes in the code Adapt the layout, style, animation and other features to your preferences  Profit content responsive on any device and screen size Support the native Magento 2 widgets   Account & Pricing  To employ the Buildify for Magento 2 on your store, an Aheadworks account is required. You will find the authorization keys in your Customer Profile. To enter the keys go to Stores → Configuration → Aheadworks Extensions → Buildify. Additional fees apply. Plans start at $39/Month with 14 days free trial. Learn more about detailed pricing information here.    Business Value Buildify for Magento 2 saves a great deal of time while creating engaging content for your web-store which will be then converted into revenue. The extension helps to create a more user-friendly design and, furthermore, make your site more convertible.     Feature Highlights 50+ Theme-friendly widgets The offered set of Widgets is Magento 2 themes-friendly, so it’s possible to embed it seamlessly into your design 20+ Customer-engaging widgets Involve customers into your content creation through comments and social media which may be embedded into your content via Buildify widgets. 40+ free premade page templates Save your time by using premade appealing templates which may freshen up your web-store Boundless possibilities Tweak the look, styling and behavior of the widget content to the desired effect with the endless configuration options. Enjoy the responsiveness Let customers use any device (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile) with impeccable responsiveness. Powerful analytics  Reinforce your content with data from Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica No Coding Make no changes in the code while dealing with content and design  Check what you get See the changes and make alteration right away with the live preview mode Have control over conversions Create several variants of the same web page and  compare which one drives more conversions Optimize for SEO Manage page title, meta description, open graph meta tags, and alternate text    Widgets Highlights Basic - essentials for page layout customization Typography - text in various forms and arrangement Buttons - buttons, individual and grouped General - most demanded content elements and the Magento 2 widget Media - images and video, individual and in galleries Icons - social media icons, individual and in lists Progress - widgets to visualize progress Slides - text and images in slides and carousels; Comments - facebook or Disqus comments and testimonials Google - maps, Translate, Analytics and Hangout Pricing - tables and lists of prices Facebook - facebook comments, posts, buttons, etc. Twitter - twitter comments, posts, buttons, etc. Analytics - google Analytics and Yandex Metrica; Modal Windows - intended for displaying all sorts of information.   Demo To experience the extension firsthand follow the link.   Support Policy Support is free for all active subscribers. 

This project was last updated September 29, 2022 byCloodo

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Custom Static Blocks

Custom Static Blocks extension for Magento 2 adds a great deal of convenience and flexibility to working with static blocks. First, the extension provides benefits of timing and segmentation, showing blocks to particular customer groups and according to a specific schedule. Second, administrator may use conditions to assign a block to a custom selection of pages – all at once. The extension allows choosing from a number of custom positions when placing CMS blocks. Custom positions cover most of the product and category pages. Custom Static Blocks come with flexible block scheduling options, including odd and even days, day of week, business week, and weekend. When creating a custom block, the store administrator is suggested to specify the block name and the customer groups to which the block will be displayed. Then the block position is selected. The block position settings include a number of pre-defined variants and can be further narrowed down with the help of product conditions and conditions combinations. After the position is defined, store administrator proceeds to add the content to the block. As a last step it is suggested to specify the block schedule: define the dates the block will be available through, specify if block should be displayed only on particular days of the week, and set the time interval if required.    List of features Customer Groups Employ customer segmentation by displaying different products to different people. Product Conditions Apply the block to a custom selection of products with just a few clicks. Display Schedule Display the block on specific days of the month/week and at specific times during those days. Grid & Mass Action Custom blocks are assembled in a grid with an option to change status or delete multiple blocks simultaneously. Different types of content It ranges from banners, to video and all kinds of widgets. Multilanguage blocks  Within the same block add different content for different store views.   Business Value Custom Static Blocks extension helps managing customizable content within the store: Increased conversion rate via targeted communication; Customized look and feel of the store; Cut down administration time; Precise scheduling.    Demo To experience the extension first hand, follow the links below: Frontend Backend   Support Policy Included technical support: Magento Open Source (CE) version - 3 months of free technical support Magento Commerce using on prem (EE) version - 3 months of free technical support Magento Commerce on Cloud (ECE) version - 3 months of free technical support

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Phone Number Login

The Phone Number Login extension allows customers to successfully authenticate into their Magento account using their phone number as an alternative means of login authentication. Typically, usernames and email addresses are used by customers to authenticate into a store site. As it is well known, phone devices have risen to prominence in modern times and popularly regarded as a preferred means of communication. With phone numbers being easier to remember compared to alphanumeric fields like username or email address, this allows for an improved and personalized user experience through a simplified process of signing into the store site for making purchases online.    Features use your phone number and password while logging into your account on the Magento store secure login type that preserves the integrity of the authentication process enable/disable module as required admin user can switch between phone and email validation if needed authentication works with the associated phone number, even if it is updated/changed on the customer account customers can update their phone number in the "My Account" section admin user can edit the phone number associated with the customer account from the Magento backend

This project was last updated September 29, 2022 byCloodo

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Cart To Quote

Cart To Quote extension for Magento 2 facilitates the very natural negotiating which comes as requests for best product prices, quotations, counter-offers, and resolutions - for customers to reach for the precise and quantifiable product and spend less, for merchants to sell faster and attain higher profits. Cart To Quote allows selected shoppers to convert carts of multiple products into quotations and forward them alongside any supporting comments and documents to the admins. Further negotiating is implemented in the alternating cession of control over the quote exercised by the parties with the help of special forms both on the front and backend, due to email notifications on quote status updates provided. For the convenience of admins, there is a discount calculator, quote summary list, all sorts of financial details, and a product configurator - all to manage the quotation flawlessly. Parties can decline, approve, sell/buy and renegotiate quotations.     Business Value Negotiate bulk price quotations with the customers you trust for the best win-to-win deals. Add multiple products to quotes Convert cart to quote and quote to cart in a single click Negotiate naturally, in the alternating cession of control over quotes  Stay notified on quote status updates Increase security by restricting RFQs to selected customer groups  Adjust discounts smartly for best win-to-win deals  Work for your credibility and your shoppers’ loyalty, stay flexible to renegotiate   Feature Highlights  Minimum Subtotal for Requesting a Quote - NEW! The feature allows the store admin to set a minimum amount of subtotal for requesting a quote from the storefront.  Select a store view during the creation of a quote in the admin panel - NEW! When creating a quote from the backend, a quote can be assigned to a certain store view.   Not Logged-In users can request quotes Allow hassle-free experience for customers who don't want to go through a registration process and enable the same function for not logged-in customers. Cart To Quote Add products to cart and convert it into a quotation. Support the quote with a covering letter, suggest request details and attach files if need be. Alternating Cession Of Control Negotiate naturally, in the alternating cession of control over quotes. When the quote is on the side of the admin, it is not available for modification on the side of the customer, and vice versa. Manage Products In Quotations Add, remove, alter the quantity and modify other parameters of products in the quote both on the front- and backend.  Statuses & Updates Stay notified on the status of the quotation via automatic email notifications, or check for updates manually in the Quote Grid on the backend or in My Quotes on the storefront. Expiration Reminders Configure automatic quote expiration reminders. Select templates and dates for due notification.   RFQ Restrictions Select groups of customers to be able to send requests for quotes. Assign the role of a quote respondent to a certain store admin. Discount Calculator Alter the quotation, so that it is both profitable for you and lucrative for the customer. Use %, numeric rebate or new total value to adjust the discount, and make use of the automatic fees recalculation function. Quote Summary List Get hold of a complete financial summary of the quote, including all sorts of totals split into products.  Quote To Cart Decline, sell/buy, approve, send for approval and renegotiate quotes in a flexible way. Once the quote is sold or bought it is automatically converted into an order/cart. Easy Quote Access Access quotes easily and fast, in just one click, from an email notification. Customers are redirected to the My Quotes page. History Log Study the history log of the negotiations to analyze your partner's credibility and make conclusions on the deal.    Comments To Quotes Stay connected with the other party on any alterations to the quote, new suggestions, change of plans and more with the help of a specially designated chat-box.    Demo To experience the extension firsthand follow the links below:  Backend: Configuring extension Negotiating as admin Frontend: Negotiating as customer   Enhance This Extension With The Following:  Company Accounts - let multiple corporate users take part in negotiations.   Support Policy Included Technical Support: Magento Open Source (CE) version - 3 months of free technical support Magento Commerce using on prem (EE) version - 3 months of free technical support  Magento Commerce on Cloud (ECE) - 3 months of free technical support  

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Logo Project Customer Attributes
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Customer Attributes

Customer Attributes extension for Magento 2 helps extend and improve the list of built-in Magento customer and customer address attributes. This allows merchants to have customer profiles as complete as desired. At the same time, it is not only about owning information, but also having shoppers happy to share it. Including new attributes into the existing forms, store admins may let buyers provide any specific details on their business roles, addresses, buying habits, choice motivators, taxation nuances, and more. Replying to unusual or highly expected questions on the storefront could be really engaging for clients. It builds trust in appreciation of their needs, attitudes, and shopping experiences, and thereby brings about higher loyalty returns to the shop. Furthermore, with Customer Attributes, merchants are able to make secret notes on their customers’ performance. These may assess or describe their payment history, shopping behavior, merchants’ faith in their buyers’ loyalty, or more. Wisely enough, the attributes may serve later well for segmenting customers or drawing reports. Attributes customization has never been easier with further help of data validation, adaptive properties and dependable attributes. Customer Attributes extension for Magento 2 is a module for particular customers with individual and clear-cut needs, and for perfect merchants, by far too.    Feature Highlights Customer & Customer Address Attributes Extend the list of built-in Magento customer attributes adding new and managing existing ones to fully respond to your business needs.   Extensive List Of Properties To Configure Attributes Feel free to fine-tune customer attributes against the numerous input types which give individual way to input validation parameters, default values, HTML-filters, input value size limits, and more.   Dependable Attributes Allow alternatives for further choice with dependable attributes for the Drop-down, Yes/No, and Multiple Select input types.   Display On The Storefront And/Or Backend Display attributes on relevant storefront forms, sort attributes in the form, and accompany them with meaningful labels.    Attributes Visible Only On The Backend Make secret notes on your customers’ performance and hide them out of their sight: karma and black/white labels, etc.   Data Validation Set up automatic verification of data which customers fill-in the forms with: check against the type and min/max value of the input, compare it with the default content, manage html tags.   Attributes Grids Two complete lists of attributes to browse, compare and contrast, quick-edit, and delete, individually and in bulk.    Extending Customers/Orders Grid Make use of edited or newly-created attributes in the Customers and/or Orders grids, enabling them for filtering, as well as columns layout and search features.   Versatility Of Application Get attributes available in the Customer Segmentation and One Step Checkout extensions as separate parameters for segments conditioning, and further data collection.    Mobile-Adjusted Design Make attributes management seamless on mobile devices.   Business Value Collect more relevant information about your customers and understand them better! Focus on your clients and have their profiles as complete as desired Come close to a finer business strategy and tailor your offers Refine the assortment of goods and give birth to a number of lucrative promo campaigns Increase customers’ engagement with the store and raise their loyalty Keep a close eye on your shoppers’ payment histories, shopping behavior and consolidate, in turn, your faith in them   Demo To explore the extension follow the links below:  Store backend:  Customizing attributes Attributes in action   Enhance Customer Attributes With: One Step Checkout by Aheadworks for displaying additional attributes at the checkout; Customer Segmentation by Aheadworks for segmenting customers or drawing reports.    Support Policy Included technical support: Magento Open Source (CE) version - 3 months of free technical support Magento Commerce (EE) version - 12 months of free technical support 

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Logo Project Digital Media
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Digital Media

Aheadworks Digital Media for Magento 2 facilitates the sale of digital media products. It helps the Merchant enable a library or media depository where all purchased by the Customer digital products are collected into one place within your store. With Digital Media these products are no longer downloadable, but easily accessible for viewing online.Configure digital media files as native Magento 2 downloadable products and sell them in a usual fashion. Customer experience remains the same, but it provides the opportunity for customer traffic increase, visitors engagement within the store, and, of course, full compliance with copyright requirements. How it works When the extension is installed, create digital media products as native Magento 2 downloadable products. If the file type is supported by the extension, the product, when purchased by the Customer, will get into My Library. Downloadable products of unsupported types download as usual and are not stored in My Library. Key features Customer’s library All the purchased media are collected into a library representing a grid. It consists of a cover image, product name, and file title of each media product.  Media viewer There is an in-built online pdf-viewer where customers can navigate the file pages only. PDF viewer responsiveness The viewer adapts to different devices, including smartphones. Copyright friendly Printing, downloading,  sharing the file, or copying text is forbidden. Max. views limit Max. Downloads on the Product page for Digital Media represent the maximum number of successful attempts to view the file. Guest users  Guest users get access to the purchased product via the active link in the Order Confirmation email and can view the file via PDF-viewer any time.  Web API and Graph QL support.

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Logo Project Reforestation Integration
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Reforestation Integration

Using DigitalHumani's Reforestation as a Service this extension adds the option to integrate Magento sites with reforestation projects around the world, to plant trees based on your customer's ecommerce actions. DigitalHumani offer this platform to easily integrate online systems to reforest the planet. It is developed and maintained by a group of volunteers who want to make their part to help fight climate change.  The extension works transparently in the background of your site waiting for customer actions to trigger the planting of trees. Once you have configured which customer events you wish trees to be planted for there is nothing else to do. The remote API calls to plant the trees are placed asynchronously so as not to effect the site's performance. A log of all trees planted is recorded within Magento allowing you full access to the data. If you choose to, you can disable the DigitalHumani integration and just use the log of trees in Magento to plant them yourself offline. Account & Pricing  If you intend to use the DigitalHumani integration option you will need to register an account with them here. You will then be provided with an API key which you can configure the extension to use to access the reforestation platform. You will be billed ($1 per tree) by the trusted reforestation organizations of your choice. You will receive a monthly invoice and report indicating how many trees were planted on your behalf. Features The main aim of the extension is to fight climaet change by converting your customer shopping behaviours to physically planting trees in the ground. The main features are listed below: Allows merchants to support reforestation projects and provide their customers a way to contribute to the cause. Adds the ability to convert ecommerce actions to planting physical trees in the ground. Integrates with third party reforestation projects (currently via DigitalHumani). Offers configurable options for which actions should plant trees (and how many): Plant trees when a customer account is registered. Plant trees when an order is placed. Plant X trees for every Y a customer spends on the site. Customers are emailed each time they plant a tree. Adds a reforestation section to the My Account page allowing customers to view their contribution to the reforestation project (including details of where the trees are planted). Adds a Reforestation Dashboard to the Magento admin where you can view stats on trees planted by your site. There is also an option to not integrate with a third-party reforestation project, instead allowing you to just track the number of trees to plant manually instead.

This project was last updated September 29, 2022 byCloodo

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